Corporate IT Solutions doesn’t own network infrastructure — we drive it!

We’re independent so you can stay independent.  

CIS has developed the most comprehensive WAN management platform in the industry. With the CIS modular service model, you own your circuits and your network. That means our relationship is based on our ability to deliver on our service promise and not on the length of the contract. CIS is a low-risk, high-performance partner, with the added benefit of more competitive pricing.

We provide secure, customized WAN solutions for enterprise retail, restaurant, hospitality, transportation, financial services and healthcare organizations across North America. We also offer bundled and unbundled services that cover every phase of network development from planning to implementation and ongoing management.

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Unknown“Not all broadband management partners are equal.  Once we switched to CIS Managed Broadband Services from a traditional private broadband solution we saw immediate network improvements in overall reliability and availability.  The last 36 months have proven that the CIS network model improves stability and drives better performance without additional cost.”– Mike Woods, Chief Information Officer, NPC International (Owner of 1,250 Pizza Huts and 100 Wendy’s locations)


CIS Professional Services

Effective Decision Support

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 CIS Implementation Support

Customized Network Development

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 CIS Management Services

Specialized Projects and 24/7 Monitoring

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