Primary network development is the bread and butter of the CIS offering.  CIS delivers hardware VPN infrastructure, traditional broadband with a cellular or dial backup or MPLS with broadband backup.

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Customized Primary & Backup Design

Within the WAN framework, CIS offers the most comprehensive range of options based on the client’s application support environment, cost requirements and business locations. Every network we design is unique, custom built to the specifications of the client including hybrid networks to ensure complete coverage.  CIS is driving substantial change in the telecom network business by taking agents and the discounts from carriers out of the equation in order to create the right benefit for the end client. With a focus on service delivery, rather than on front-end commissions, we are incentivized to build and maintain our clients’ networks with the highest level of focus and care.

CIS offers

  • Customized rule sets based on business and site requirements to create networks tailored specifically to the needs of the client
  • Autonomy from the carriers
  • Hybrid networks that seek ways to save money without creating risk in terms of security or degradation of application support
  • A team of highly professional experts who understand telecom and, unlike agents, don’t select networks based on agent payout

Qualification & Procurement

CIS currently maintains relationships with more than 200 providers, and that list continues to grow.  We are not limited to national or even regional carriers.  Through a comprehensive qualification network covering all of North America, we are able to identify ILEC DSL availability as well as local cable providers.  In fact, DSL can be arranged within 24 hours, and cable within a 48-hour window, without reliance on or limitations of national aggregators.

To support wireless qualification and procurement efforts, CIS includes geo-coding software that identifies the best carrier and tower per location.  This process increases accuracy and the likelihood of a successful installation that minimizes re-dispatches.  As an advisor, CIS offers the ability to compare pricing and reliability based on experience among various MPLS providers.

In addition, CIS provides telephony ordering for clients and can offer new sourcing options or work with the client’s existing representatives. CIS offers the flexibility to work within any existing relationship, or supplement those relationships for

  • Broadband
  • MPLS
  • POTS
  • Wireless (cellular and point to point)

CPE Configuration

CIS provides hardware configuration services prior to onsite placement to improve turnaround and reduce costs. Staging hardware also ensures PCI compliance prior to shipping. After thousands of deployments, CIS has learned that when equipment is plug and play, installations go faster and are less expensive. CIS is experienced with hardware including

  • Cisco
  • Fortinet
  • SonicWall
  • Juniper
  • CradlePoint

plus a wide variety of additional hardware options.

Network WAN Deployment

CIS offers professional, experienced network WAN deployment services including

  • Field service scheduling
  • Hardware configuration
  • Broadband & cellular installation
  • Activation of VPN hardware and
  • Confirmation that sites are up and live

Supported by professional project managers, network deployment isn’t painful. We assure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

LAN Installation

Regardless of the complexity of onsite technology, CIS is skilled in delivering expert installation of

  • POS systems
  • Loss prevention video, audio and cameras
  • Back-office support for printers, DVR systems and credit card authorization
  • Low voltage wiring and phone line testing and extension

In addition, CIS supports cable installation.