CIS provides professional project management for any specialized project including logistical planning, equipment configuration, or scheduling technicians for deployment to complete the install.

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Tier 1,2,3 Support for MPLS, VPN and cellular

The CIS support team is available 24/7 to keep your business running smoothly. Support services include the following:

  • Tier 1: CIS support professionals contact the location and perform remote troubleshooting including power check, physical connection review and power cycling to restart hardware.
  • Tier 2: When Tier 1 doesn’t resolve the issue, CIS initiates carrier issue resolution including router and hardware configuration analysis.
  • Tier 3: Engineering support is the basis for Tier 3 support covering core network troubleshooting and new hardware configurations as necessary.

Managed Security

CIS delivers complete security and audit support closely monitoring for PCI, HIPAA and OCC compliance. When compliance issues arise, CIS assists with resolving issues rapidly and effectively so that re-scans are certain to meet verification requirements. In addition, CIS stays up to date with the latest guideline revisions to proactively address any issues and deploy the fixes necessary to ensure compliance. CIS sits on your side of the table during network audits ensuring that each client has the professional and technical support necessary to stay in compliance and mitigate liability.

Onsite Field Technicians

The CIS support organization believes in 100% network coverage combined with the ability to dispatch certified technicians for any break/fix issues impacting network or hardware for any location in North America—and all within a 4-hour response time. That’s our commitment. CIS offers onsite hands and ears for site-based troubleshooting to support any degree of technology experience that a given client may or may not have.

All CIS technicians are certified and bonded, providing clients with an onsite team they can count on in any situation.

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Vendor Contract Management

The CIS vendor contract management service includes changes to existing agreements or vetting and negotiating new agreements.

CIS delivers

  • Assistance with changes and modifications to existing contracts, obtaining agreements with new ISPs as well as assistance with the hardware warranty process to make sure that all equipment stays current.
  • Vetting all provider options in an RFP management process and then getting all agreements in place with selected carriers for both Internet and hardware services.

Inventory Management

With large enterprise networks supporting retail, healthcare, financial services or transportation organizations, keeping track of every piece of equipment can be a challenge. With CIS Inventory Management, we keep track of every serial number and the current location of all hardware. CIS provides asset tagging in order to ensure that your significant hardware investment is in a staging area, tracked while in transit, or installed onsite using our proprietary inventory software. Even with wireless equipment that is not fixed and has a tendency to be moved, CIS knows exactly where your hardware is and where it should be. The CIS inventory system supports PO and billing audits and overall availability for “just in time” inventory availability.

Telecom Expense Management

A single, clean invoice regardless of how many providers are included in a national network deployment is just one of the services that CIS delivers. Telecom Expense Management includes processing payments and queuing invoices creating a single, audited bill. In our experience, telecom providers have used incorrect billing as a profit center. Without a team dedicated to a robust audit process, it is very easy to overpay. With CIS, clients receive

  • Billing inventories
  • Billing Q&A
  • Discrepancy dispute

Resulting in a single invoice from more than 250 providers nationwide with the details to review billing summaries line by line.