Platform Features

Platform Features

Network Monitoring

network monitoring

Take control of your network with proactive monitoring.

Corporate IT Solutions management and monitoring platform was designed for businesses that want to take control of their network infrastructure to drive improved performance, availability and security while reducing the cost of their wide area network.

The monitoring platform is a comprehensive tool designed to deploy, maintain and manage a custom network that is aligned with the business and budgetary goals of your company. Features include proactive monitoring of network uptime and SLA-related statistics, as well as a single source of problem resolution for all network issues. The CIS Network Operations Center (NOC) utilizes the platform to monitor any changes or opportunities in the network, responding to built-in alarms that ensure that sites are contacted within 30 minutes of any disturbance to initiate troubleshooting.

With a proprietary scoring system based on events such as:

  • Latency spikes
  • Interface restarts
  • Packet loss and others

The CIS engineering team is able to address issues proactively and resolve circuit performance issues.

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trouble ticketing2

CIS Trouble Ticket System


CIS has created a custom online ticketing platform designed to focus on TTR (time to resolution) and designed to provide consistent updates to relevant parties as well as complete transparency into the troubleshooting process.

The CIS Trouble Ticket System supports synchronous customized interactions between the CIS technology support team and the end user’s help desk based on the client’s trouble resolution time frames and process. With real-time input into the ticketing systems, clients are able to add notes that enhance communication among the CIS engineers and the customer help desk staff. Updates can be provided via email or SMS text based on predetermined timers. The system is designed to provide better issue resolution times as well as to keep all parties up to date as we work through network-related issues.

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Automated Line Qualification Scanning

An exciting feature that differentiates CIS from competitors is our ability to continuously scan for enhanced site opportunities. By creating a profile for preferred connectivity, the management platform automatically searches for solutions that provide better performance, stability or price point at a particular site. Notifications include all the details necessary to make a decision in regard to making changes. With Automated Line Qualification Scanning, clients are able to drive the best price-to-performance ratio possible within any given infrastructure.

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